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Shielding Product GuideNew EMI/RFI Shielding Product Guide

Plymouth, MA....New Shielding Product Guide from Tech-Etch efficiently describes EMI/RFI shielding products in a useful side-by-side comparison format. The colorful eight-page brochure compares mounting, composition, size range, effective compression range, type of seal, contact interface, and performance data for all standard shielding products. These include beryllium copper finger stock configured as alternate slot gaskets, low profile gaskets, twisted contacts, panel and strip gaskets, variable finger gaskets, track mounted shielding, and connector gaskets, in addition to wire mesh with and without elastomer core, Silvershield, metalized fabric over foam, various conductive elastomers, fan vents, filters, and honeycomb vents. The unique side-by-side format is especially useful to design engineers and those specifying EMI shielding solutions when comparing available alternatives.

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