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Photo Etching of FLat Parts
MicroEtch Screensfrom Polyimide Film

Tech-Etch photo etches polyimide film to make flat parts for many applications. Pictured here are typical photo etched polyimide (etched KAPTON®) non-conductive washers, screens, gaskets, plus insulation layers and liners.
KAPTON® is a DuPont registered trademark.

Photo Etched Polyimide IOL Haptics


Tech-Etch has photoetched precision Haptics for Intraocular Lenses used in cataract surgery and other corrective implants since 1978.

Polyimide has material characteristics that make it attractive for this medical procedure, while providing the advantages of a 3-piece IOL. It is optimal for foldable IOL silicone or acrylic lenses. Polyimide offers flexibility comparable to polypropylene and PMMA haptics, with greater tensile strength, and superior shape memory.

Since polyimide is safe for implant, additional medical applications can be derived from its shape retention spring properties.