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Products and Services for the Electronic Marketplace

Precision Parts

Tech-Etch manufactures a wide variety of thin metal parts and components for the Consumer and Micro Electronics marketplaces.

• Lead Frames
• Stencils
• Masks
• Springs
• Contacts
• Connectors
• Dials & Pointers
• Circuit Testing Probes
• Sensor Components
• Switches
• Electrical Interconnects


Flex & Rigid-Flex Circuits

Tech-Etch offers SMT and thru hole component assembly services offer package sizes down to 0201 & .4mm pitch.

Flexible Circuit

Flexible Circuit

Adhesiveless construction delivers thinner, more flexible circuits, and additive processing for higher density circuits with trace and space capabilities down to .0015" in production. Microvia sizes down to .001" diameter yield high density, multi-layer flex circuits. Alternate circuit layer materials such as beryllium copper, stainless steel and cupronickel can be used for optimum performance in unique applications.

EMI Shielding

The Electronic marketplace requires all types of standard and custom EMI shielding products.

• Shielding Strips
• Contacts
• Conductive Elastomers
• Wire Mesh
• Shielded Air Filters
• Honeycomb Vents
• Metalized Fabric
• Conductive Foam
Full specifications can be found here.
electronic parts electronic parts electronic parts
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