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Flexible Circuits

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Flex Circuit Photo Gallery

Etched Polyimide Cantilevered Leads
Cantilevered Leads
Split Leads
Windowed Leads

Beryllium Copper Spring Finger Flex
BeCu Flex
.020" Thick Copper Bus Flex
Bus Flex Circuit
Standard ZIF Termination
ZIF Termination

Two Layer Flex Plated Through Flex Winding
Flex Winding
Two Layer Flex Chemically Etched Liquid Crystal Polymer
Liquid Crystal Polymer
Multilayer Fineline Rigid Flex supporting 3D package layout and tight pitch SMT assembly
Rigid Flex

Stiffened Flex With Connector Pins
Flex with Pins
4-layer Rigid Flex with the flex layers biased to one side for improved mounting
Flex with Pins
Multilayer Rigid Flex with legend printing and through hole component assembly
Flex with Pins
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