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Tech-Etch Improves Productivity With Cobots


Plymouth, MA....Tech-Etch uses collaborative robots, or cobots, to improve quality and increase production while reducing cost to customers. Cobots are engineered to work closely and safely with people without physical barriers. Occupying a small footprint on the factory floor, they reduce lead times, and perform tasks that are suited for automation. Capabilities include moving delicate photo etched parts into and out of forming tools, heat treating fixtures and into finished packaging, all accomplished with the highest accuracy and repeatability. Since they do not require extensive programming training, cobots can be easily reconfigured for new tasks. A cobot working in tandem with a human worker improves productivity resulting in cost savings passed along to customers. Tech-Etch operates plants in Plymouth and Fall River, MA as well as Litchfield, MN and supplies precision engineered parts to the medical device, aerospace and instrumentation industries.

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