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Flexible Circuits

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Component Assembly Capability Speeds Manufacture of Custom Flexible Printed Circuits

Flexible Circuit SMT

Plymouth, MA....Packaging techniques frequently make it necessary to mount components on flexible circuits. Tech-Etch has SMT capabilities for component assembly on both prototypes and full production runs. The SMT process can accommodate package sizes down to 0201 and .4mm pitch leaded packages. Polyimide or epoxy-glass stiffeners can be laminated in place to provide additional support and strain relief.

Tech-Etch specializes in high-reliability flex circuits for medical device, medical implant, diagnostic ultrasound, telecommunications and patient monitoring applications. Tech-Etch manufactures flex circuits using both adhesive based and adhesiveless raw materials. Laser processing capability supports precision drilling of hole sizes down to .001” diameters for micro via and blind via multilayer circuits.

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