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EMI / RFI Shielding

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Interactive Sales Drawings in English or Metric

Interactive PDF

Plymouth, MA....When researching and specifying gaskets, visitors to the Tech-Etch web site at may download interactive PDFs of sales drawings for all standard EMI/RFI shielding finger stock products. With just one click, all part dimensions and tolerances instantly convert from inches to millimeters. The PDFs also automatically calculate the length of the strip based on the number of fingers entered and use the information to complete the Tech-Etch part number. The user can specify finish requirements as well as standard or low compression force shielding options, which also are incorporated to complete the valid Tech-Etch part number. A separate customer part number assigned by the user can also be added to the drawing before it is printed.

These simple to use, interactive PDFs provide increased speed, accuracy and dependability when specifying or ordering shielding gaskets. In addition to finger stock, the web site contains a complete catalog of conductive elastomers, metalized fabric and mesh gaskets, vents, filters, board level shielding, contact rings, and connector gaskets. A glossary of shielding terms is also online.
Interactive PDF

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