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Brochure Describes Photo Etching of Thin Metal Parts, Board Level Shielding and Flexible Circuits

Photo Etching and Forming Brochure

Plymouth, MA....Capabilities brochure describes how the photo etching process provides Tech-Etch the flexibility to produce prototype quantities and large production runs of intricate parts for many diverse mechanical and electrical applications, without the high cost and long lead times of hard tooling. Custom light-gauge parts are produced with intricate patterns, precise tolerances and burr-free edges, in addition to exact repeatability. The brochure contains photographs of over 100 precision parts to illustrate this capability.

Applications include encoders, masks, filters, lead frames, flat springs, strain gauges, laminations, step covers, heat sinks, shields, shims, cathodes, and fuel cell plates. Tech-Etch uses photo etching for many medical device component level parts, such as maxillofacial and cranial titanium reconstruction implants, anode and cathode grids for battery technologies supporting implanted medical devices, tungsten opaque components for x-ray devices, blanks for surgical blades, and stiffener bands for valve replacement. Metals such as beryllium copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, titanium, tungsten, nitinol, molybdenum, brass and spring steels can be etched. Photo etching is also used to make flat parts from polyimide film for non-conductive washers, screens, gaskets and insulation layers.

The brochure also features Tech-Etch’s ability to produce tight-tolerance photo etched screens with tapered or straight holes, custom board level shielding, plus flex and rigid-flex circuits using both adhesive based and adhesiveless materials. Design engineers will find dimension tolerance and minimum bend radius charts. Parts range in thickness from .0005" to .0300". Laser machining is offered for thicker parts from .030" to .125", and is also used for precision drilling and ablating of polyimide laminates used in flexible circuits. Special processes such as forming, laminating, heat treatment, assembly and finishing are all available in-house to complete any project.

Download a copy of our Precision Engineered Parts Capabilities Brochure (1.7Mb pdf).

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