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Flexible Circuits

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New Tech-Etch Brochure Describes Quick Turn Capability for Flexible Circuits

Plymouth, MA....Tech-Etch brochure explains how photoetching enables rapid turnaround for both prototypes and full production runs of flexible circuits for telecommunications, medical and computer applications. It describes their specialized photochemical outlining process which yields production quality flexible circuits to specification. Photoetching produces an edge completely free of slivers, nicks and burrs, while allowing windowed leads and back side access.

The color brochure describes Tech-Etch's capabilities for multilayer, fine-line and adhesiveless flex circuits, in addition to beryllium copper conductors, cantilevered leads and .004" diameter microvia processing for higher density 2-layer circuits. Selective plating enables different attachment methods on the same circuit. PowerFlex is offered when circuits require up to .020" thick copper in high current applications. Complete ordering information is also provided.

Download the Flex Circuit Design Guide PDF (1.1Mb)

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Flex Circuits Brochure
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