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Flexible Circuits

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Flexible Circuits on LCP Substrates

Plymouth, MA....Tech-Etch is now offering flexible printed circuits manufactured on Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) substrates. Using our advanced process for chemically etching LCP, we can offer the same design freedoms for windowed leads as is available with polyimide films. Tech-Etch also produces more standard circuits on LCP manufactured with conventional processes such as mechanical punching and laser processing.

This new dielectric material has a low dielectric constant of 3.0 and low moisture absorption rate of 0.1%, giving LCP excellent high-speed capabilities and dimensional stability. It is suitable for both static and dynamic applications.

Potential applications for LCP substrates include flexible circuits for medical, telecom, high frequency interconnect systems, optoelectronics, COF(chip on flex) and CSP(chip scale packaging) or anywhere high frequency and/or dimensional stability are desirable.

Tech-Etch's process for chemical etching LCP overcomes some of the shortcomings of conventional processing. By combining this process with our existing Semi Additive process we can produce fine line circuits on LCP substrates with copper lines and spaces down to .002" without taking away any of the design freedoms currently available to customers using polyimide films.

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Chem Etched LCP Circuit (Front) LCP

Chem Etched LCP Circuit (Back) LCP
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