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Flexible Circuits

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Rigid-Flex Circuits for Medical, Aerospace and Military Applications

Rigid flex circuits

Plymouth, MA....Tech-Etch manufactures Rigid-Flex Circuits combining a printed circuit board and flex circuit in one package for improved reliability through reduced interconnects. Rigid-Flex Circuits maximize three-dimensional space and support higher component density and leadless SMT packages. Tech-Etch circuits are UL recognized and come with up to eight layers. A via fill capability can be used to selectively and completely close via holes with epoxy for increased reliability. Circuits can be manufactured using laminate materials with high Tg and Td values for circuits exposed to high thermal loads. Clean and efficient legend printing offers increased flexibility and shorter process times. Surface mount technology (SMT) for component assembly is employed for both prototypes and full production runs. SMT process can accommodate package sizes down to 0201 and .4mm pitch.

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