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Photo Etching

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Photo Etching of Flat Parts from Polyester Film

polyester etched parts

Tech-Etch photo etches polyester film to make flat parts for many applications. Typical photo etched applications include non-conductive washers, dielectrics, diaphragms, gaskets, washers, discs, spacers, seals, and caps, plus insulation layers and liners. Parts can be etched with intricate features in addition to a partial etch to form relieved shapes on the polyester film's surface.

  • Photo etching or photo chemical milling Polyester offers low tooling cost and enables easy design changes.
  • Commonly made from polyester sheet up to .010" thick.
  • Sheet can also be depth etched with grooves or channels.
  • Polyester is a high-strength, hydrophobic, solvent-resistant, optically clear material.
  • Clean burr-free edges.
  • Prototype to production.
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