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EMI/RFI Shielding

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2600 Series Custom Metalized Fabric Gaskets (Fabric Over Foam)

Custom 2600 Series Information


Tech-Etch manufactures custom designed EMI shielding gaskets using 2600 Series metalized fabric wrapped around a polyurethane foam core and low cost rule-dies. The conductive fabric is bonded to the core assuring self-termination on all exposed edges.

Rule die gaskets using metalized fabric with elastomer core can be designed and manufactured to suit your exact requirements. When designing a custom gasket, consider the following:

  • Dimensional tolerances are influenced by the softness of the material.
  • Minimum distance between any cutouts to the edge should be equal to the material thickness.
  • Minimum hole diameters should be equal to the material thickness

Standard D-Connector Metalized Fabric Gaskets (Fabric Over Foam)

Standard 2600 Series Information


Tech-Etch stocks Standard D-Connector Metalized Fabric over Elastomer gaskets to shield most 9-pin through 50-pin connectors. Gaskets are offered in 5 standard sizes and 4 different material thicknesses for each size.

D-Connector gaskets are also available made from Conductive Elastomers and Metal.

When specifying the part number, all Standard Connectors have Nickel over Copper Finish (1), Foam Core (1), and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (1). See the chart below for Sequential Numbers for standard D-Connector Gasket sizes. Click here to download a PDF of Instructions for Installation of Shielding with Double Adhesive Transfer Tape.

Example: Part number 2640-1111-3015-040 is a 15-pin D Connector Gasket.

Standard Gaskets
Standard Metalized Fabric Gaskets
Specifications Chart
Pins A B C D E F Seq. Part No.
9 1.313 0.98 0.78 .44 .750 .07R. 3009
15 1.641 1.31 1.11 .44 .759 .07R. 3015
25 2.188 1.85 1.65 .44 .750 .07R. 3025
37 2.829 2.50 2.29 .44 .750 .07R. 3037
50 2.740 2.41 2.11 .55 .880 .07R. 3050
How to Order
How To Order
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