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EMI/RFI Shielding

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5000 Series EMI Shielding Monoshield

Gasket Material

Monoshield is intended for applications where the gasket is limited to 0.02 in. thickness and gap irregularities do not exceed 0.003 in. The material consists of a fine monel or aluminum which is expanded (as per MIL-S-46044) and impregnated with a 50 durometer silicone rubber. The manufacturing process exposes approximately 225 points of contact per square inch to provide an efficient EMI shield with a pressure seal good up to 50 PSI between mating surfaces. These gaskets should not be re-used after having been compressed.

Material Specifications

Expanded Monel QQ-N-281
Expanded Aluminum QQ-A-250
Solid Silicone Elastomer A-A-59588, Class II, Grade 50 (Formerly ZZ-R-765)
Contacts (approx.) 225/inch squared
Temperature Range -60 to 219°C

Monoshield Gaskets
Monoshield die-cut gaskets are available in both standard and custom configurations. For standard gaskets, click here.

EMI Shielding Performance

 Material H-Field 100KHz E-Field 10MHz  P-Field 1GHz
 Monoshield 55 dB >120 dB 85 dB

Application Notes

Standard Gaskets
Monoshield can be supplied with or without silicone impregnation in sheets or die cut gaskets. Please refer to Standard Product Connector and Waveguide Gaskets.

Standard Sheet Sizes
Elastomer Thickness x Width Part Number
None .020 in. x 12.0 in. 5012 - Y000 - 0001
None .030 in. x 12.0 in. 5013 - Y000 - 0001
Silicone (solid) .020 in. x 12.0 in. 5012 - Y050 - 0001
Silcone (solid) .030 in. x 12.0 in. 5013 - Y050 - 0001
Thickness tolerances all types ±0.004 in.
Lengths up to 25 ft. For sizes not shown, please ask.

Custom Die Cut Gaskets
For custom die cut gaskets, use the guide in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1
figure1 monoshield

How to Order

How to Order
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