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EMI/RFI Shielding

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Vents & Filters Series 8900 Thin Screen EMI Shielded Filters

Composed of expanded multi-layer aluminum, Thin Screen Shields combine the functions of EMI shielding with efficient dust filtering and ventilation.

Thinner than electronic filter dust shields, they provide better dust extraction, but with greater restriction of air flow. They cost less than electronic dust shields and honeycomb.

How to Order

Special Notes: When ordering, please furnish a detailed drawing specifying all dimensions shown in Figure 1 including size and location of mounting holes, and type of gasket required.
8900 Thin Screen Shielded Air filters

Figure 1 Dimensions for Frames
Hole positions for Frame 01.
Supply dimensions A, B, C, & D for non-standard frames.
Note: Try to avoid placing holes or inserts at the corners of the frame.
Dimensions for Frame 8900

Thin Screen C Channel Frame Styles
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