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Board Level Shielding - General Information

Standard & Custom Board Level Shielding

Board Level Shielding

Tech-Etch specializes in the design and production of board level shielding. The photoetching process allows the fabrication of parts with complex shapes and features that are impossible to duplicate by other methods without expensive tooling.

Board level shielding is typically etched from .007" - .020" brass, nickel silver, copper or cold rolled steel. Board level shielding can also be manufactured out of beryllium copper, if spring qualities are desired. The standard finish is tin plate. Other finishes are available.

New low-profile, 2-Piece SlimShield, with a dimpled cover that snaps into etched holes on the fence, offers shield heights as low as .060".

Standard 1- and 2-piece shields save design and production time, plus incur no tooling charges!
Advantages of Photo Etched Board Level Shielding
  • Eliminates the expense of forming tools
  • Improves design flexibility
  • Through holes and slots available for heat dissipation at no charge
  • Intricate geometry with no impact on tooling cost
  • Depth etched logos and nomenclature at no charge
  • Mounting pin styles available in any configuration
  • Offers internal dividers for multicavity applications


New Protoshield sheets can be formed into Board Level Shielding prototypes in minutes
Since ProtoShield sheets are depth-etched with a checkerboard pattern, they can be easily formed into many diverse configurations. In the product development stage, fully functional shields can be created in minutes with just a pair of scissors and a straight edge for folding - saving both time and money.

ProtoShield sheets are offered in two sizes. The Standard version has .25" squares and the Metric version has 5mm squares. Both versions are solderable and corrosion resistant due to their nickel silver composition. No finishing or plating is necessary. ProtoShield prototypes can be direct soldered to the board or shield clips can be used for easy mounting.

Free samples of ProtoShield sheets are available from stock for immediate delivery. Call 508-747-0300 or email

Standard Version:

• .010" Thick Nickel Silver
• CDA770 Alloy
• 1/2 Hard Temper
• Overall Size: 5.5" square
• Grid Size: .25" increments

Metric Version:

• .254mm (.010") Thick Nickel Silver
• CDA770 Alloy
• 1/2 Hard Temper
• Overall Size: 125mm square
• Grid Size: 5mm increments

Samples Available
If you need additional information or samples of board level shielding, call 508-747-0300 or fax us at 508-746-9639. Our customer service/engineering department will be glad to help you determine appropriate specifications for your board level shielding application. For a quotation, please send a sketch, formal drawing or cad file of your part and the approximate quantity required. You can also use our form to contact us.
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