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EMI/RFI Shielding

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Finger Stock Gaskets - How To Order

Tech-Etch Part Numbers are unique because they describe the actual part. This makes it easy to order and also to understand the specifications of any strip. The chart below explains how to read and create Part Numbers.

Part Number Detail
1. Optional Material / Material Thickness Prefix: Leave blank for standard thickness. Add "TF" for low compression force. "SS" indicates Stainless Steel.

2. Pitch: Center-to-center distance from one finger to the next (Inches x 1,000).

3. Style: Part Style or Series.

4. Width: Part Width, typically measured parallel to fingers and slots. Clip Size: "CXXX"=Clip Size, where XXX is typically flange size +.010".

5. Additional Information: "L"=Standard D-Lance; "H060"=Hook-on; "90"=90° Bend; "R" and "A, B, C, T"=Track features; "E50, E78"=Extended Leg; "M"=Clip-on Feature. "FXx" = Determines repeating finger pattern for Variable Snap-on.

6. Length: Full Strips = Length to nearest inch as listed in catalog (24, 18, 16, etc.).

Rolls = Length to nearest inch as listed in catalog (300, 420, etc.). Also add a "M" to Additional Information for all T-Series rolls. (See column 5.)

All Cut-to-Length Parts = Length to 2 decimals: (.XX)=(Pitch) x (Number of Fingers) minus (one slot dimension). Since individual fingers may not be cut, length is a multiple of a full finger (the Pitch), less the slot dimension. Exceptions are 95A, 95T, 165T, 165T2, 250T, 500T and KS Series, where cut-to-length parts are to 2 decimals and: (.XX)=(Pitch) x (Number of Fingers). Shows Diameter for contact rings measured by I.D. (Inside Diameter) = Male or O.D. (Outside Diameter) = Female.

7. D-Lance:

Diamond Back:
"L-" for optional, non-standard D-Lance. Mini D-Lance: "ML-" for optional, non-standard Mini D-Lance. Best suited for smaller parts and applications (example: P/N 125G23C040).

Optional DiamondBack texturing "dB"
DiamondBack shielding with a textured contact surface increases attenuation at 2.5 GHz and above. Nonabrasive DiamondBack texturing can be applied to most of the standard profiles to achieve up to a 20 dB attenuation improvement at high frequencies without raising the compression force. It has hundreds of raised dimples providing a smooth texture that enhances the conductivity between the gasket and mating surface. DiamondBack is available on numerous mounting and finish options, and offers superior longevity over plated fabrics.

Finish: See table below for available finishes.

8. Modification If Required: Add "MOD" for all modified parts. A description of the modification is also required.

9. Modification Description: Specific description of the modification. For example: With 2 Holes .100 Dia., With Conductive Tape, Less Tape, Special Width, Non-Standard Tolerances, Non-standard Material Thickness, Non-standard Plating Thickness, Special Packaging, Male/Female Contact Ring, etc.

Available Finishes

Finish* Ordering Code RoHS Compliant
Solderable 01 Yes
Clean and Bright 02 Yes
Gold 03 Yes
Silver 04 Yes
Cadmium / Clear Chromate 05 No
Tin Lead 07 No
Bright Tin 08 Yes
Nickel 09 Yes
Zinc / Clear Chromate 15 Yes
Matte Tin 16 Yes
Electroless Nickel 18 Yes
Other 00 -
* For other requirements and specifications of these finishes, consult the factory. Plating is recommended to achieve maximum attenuation over time, as well as the best possible finish for shielding strips.
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